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Solo Trip to Havana, Cuba

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Why I Loved Cuba

My time in Cuba was absolutely amazing. I loved every second of my trip. Prior to leaving for Cuba I did a ton of research, with binge watching Tik Tok and YouTube vlogs. One thing everyone said in their vlogs was how nice the Cuban people were, and as a solo Black female traveler, I was happy to experience the great hospitality of the Cuban locals. From my Airbnb host who doubled as my personal taxi driver to all of the great tour guides, I appreciated the princess treatment during my entire stay in Cuba which made for the perfect international solo trip.

Where I Stayed

I stayed in a 1-bedroom apartment in the heart of Old Havana. The location of the Airbnb was perfect, as it was walking distance from many bars and restaurants.The neighborhood was lively and historic, yet safe and comforting. My Airbnb host, Adonis, was great! I loved how I could easily contact him through Whatsapp with any questions or concerns.. He even offered to drive me all around Havana for a small fee (which was much less than the local taxi drivers). I would highly recommend staying here.

Click the link to Book with Adonis

Money Exchange

While watching the many vlogs before traveling, I learned that Cuba has two different forms of currency: the official Cuban Peso and Cuban Tourism Money (CUC). In order to make your money stretch, you need to obtain the Cuban Peso, which you can’t get at the airport. Follow these steps to make the most of your money in Cuba:

Step 1: Take out the amount of money you’d like to spend in Cuba at your home bank, if possible, an assortment of bills ($1, $5, $10, $20’s)

Step 2: Go to a local restaurant in Cuba and ask for change in Cuban Pesos

1 Cuban Peso = 0.042 US Dollar

(Input a single conclusion sentence)

My Havana Itinerary

Cigar, Rum, & Coffee Tour

The first tour I booked was the Cigar, Rum, & Coffee tour through Airbnb. Interestingly, I ended up getting a private tour since no one else booked for the same time. During the tour I learned the history of cigars and the official process of how they are grown and manufactured locally in Cuba. I got to try out Fidel Castro’s favorite cigar which is almost the most expensive cigar brand in Cuba.

Classic Car Ride

Yes, Cuba is filled with stylish vintage cars. A little backstory: , after the 1960s, cars stopped being imported to Cuba until recently so the majority of Cubans own vintage cars that have stayed in their families for decades. The vintage cars make for a great photo op to prove that you were really in Havana. I loved the bougie 50s vibe photoshoot I had during my classic car ride, which was only $25 (booked with help from my Airbnb host). It was arranged for the car to pick me up from my Airbnb, then tour Old Havana for one hour. Bonus: my vintage car driver/tour guide stopped to take pictures of me.

Fabrica de Arte

Fabrica de Arte is the perfect blend of an art museum, live music, and club all in one. I loved exploring this 3-story building that once served as an oil factory and is now filled with unique art pieces and delicious cocktails.

La Caison del SON

Taking a salsa dance class in a Cuba was a must for see. I got to learn traditional moves and my instructor was so nice and made the class easy and enjoyable.

Where to Eat

Cha Cha Cha Restaurant

Pictured: Garbanzo Frito & Pina Colada $13

Hotel Inglaterra

Pictured: Eggs Benedict $5

Bar Monserrate

Pictured: Stuffed lobster with shrimp & rice, chicken kabob, and mojito $21

Pistacchio Havana

Salsa Dance Class

Check out my Solo Cuba Trip Vlog on Youtube:

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