A couple weeks ago my timeline was filled with pictures of celebrity couple, Saweetie, a young female rapper, and Quavo, ⅓ of hit rap trio, Migos, from their newest GQ Magazine photoshoot. The posts were accompanied by the widely popular hashtag - #RelationshipGoals. The hashtag on social media refers to couples that people admire and aspire to be like hence the word “goals”. However, it’s unclear exactly how couples earn this admirable title, could it be because they are attractive people, or maybe because they share pics traveling the world? Or, is the qualification for being labeled as #RelationshipGoals simply about having the ability to display a lavish, desirable lifestyle?

I’m not going to lie, the pictures of Saweetie and Quavo were fire but I just kept wondering how they got the title? Before the popular photoshoot hit social media, Quavo had bought Saweetie two Birkin bags for her birthday, with a hefty price tag of over $100,000. Ironically the week before that, rapper Moneybag Yo and his social media influencer girlfriend, Ari Kyle, went viral after he also gifted her a $200,000 Lamborghini truck for her 25th birthday. Of course, they too were deemed #RelationshipGoals. It seems the pattern here is, buy your girl expensive gifts and become “goals” in the eyes of social media.

I’m all for men spoiling their girlfriends but is that really all it takes to earn the title? What about the couples on social media who aren’t rich and famous celebrities?

Personally, I love following the popular Instagram page, @BlackLovePage, who uses its platform to uplift and highlight everyday couples in the black community. The couples featured on the page are not necessarily spoiling each other with fancy gifts, but rather committing to marriage, starting a business together, or instilling positive values in their children. I believe these couples are worthy of #RelationshipGoals because they show that relationships are not based upon materialistic things, but about growing together and treating each other with love and respect.

I’m pretty much a sucker for love so little things like making home cooked meals or sending flowers on a weekly basis, can win me over. I’ll be honest, it’s cool to see couples going on exotic trips and splurging on each other but, I think we can all conclude, this lifestyle isn’t the reality for everyone. Maybe instead, we should prioritize honesty, love, trust, and the little things that bring joy in a relationship. So, before you comment #RelationshipGoals under a pic of Lil Baby and Jayda Cheaves, I urge you to question, what exactly makes them goals?

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