How to Plan a Brunch Party

Just like everyone else I had big plans to travel internationally this summer. I wanted to take a trip to the islands for my 26th birthday but COVID-19 had other plans for me. I thought for a little what I should do instead because of course being me I couldn’t just do nothing for my birthday. I decided to have brunch with a few friends over. I love party planning and after growing up watching MTV’s Sweet 16, I was obsessed with having big elaborate parties. I knew for my brunch I wanted it to be super girly with lots of hot pink and I knew I wanted to stick to a tight budget.

The best way to stay under budget is to plan accordingly. I jotted down in my little notebook things that I wanted for my party in categories. I organized my list from food, to decorations, to the alcohol for the party. My favorite places to shop for parties are of course Amazon, Dollar General, and Dollar Tree and for inspiration I used Pinterest. Yes you can never sleep on Dollar Tree. I picked my color scheme, and decided with the party decorations I wanted at least one big stand out piece. I was obsessed with the balloon arches I saw on Pinterest and purchased one for just $15 on Amazon and gold Happy Birthday balloons too for just $8. These balloons brought a major pop of color and fun to the party decor.

I added bright pink table cloths from Dollar General and Dollar Tree for about a dollar each to add color to the tables. The next thing on my list was the menu. I went to Sam’s club and went to work. You will save a lot of money shopping at your wholesale stores such as Sam's Club and Costco. Note to self, to save even more money think realistically how much your guests are going to actually eat so that way you don’t overspend on food. It’s always good to have a little bit of leftovers but with too much food leftover, you pretty much just end up throwing it away.

My menu consisted of shrimp and grits, bacon, potatoes, two fruit trays, waffles and pancakes, and donuts with a mimosa bar.

I wanted to be creative with the food so putting the donuts on the mini skewers added a little unique element to the food display. I cut the fruit myself and was able to make two large trays for less than $10 instead of buying the already made trays. The shrimp and grits brought a classy element to the menu. You can’t get any more bougie then eating mini shrimps out of a cocktail glass. Another added bonus was the one pound of shrimp only cost me $8 from the fresh seafood section of my local grocery store. I bought cheap bottles of champagne for about $11 each from my local liquor store. My wine glasses were $1 each from Dollar Tree which I bought about 25 of so each could guest could have one. I kept the champagne and juice separate so people could enjoy making their own mimosas.

I saved hundreds of dollars on a DJ by making a playlist on Apple Music. Once my playlist was finished, my friends had so much fun just passing the aux cord around and twerking to our favorite songs. I realized that the best parties are created with delicious food and good music. I didn’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on decorations or for a fancy catering company. The real fun was just sipping mimosas all day and eating my favorite breakfast foods with my closest friends.

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