Are 9-5s canceled?

Through the power of social media, many young entrepreneurs have been able to make over six figures from their small businesses. And, I see why so many people choose entrepreneurship over working a 9-5. With just one post of your product to Facebook or Instagram, you can reach millions and sell out in seconds. Even if you decide to become a content creator, rather than sell a product or service, you can still be very successful. With hit Youtuber, Kid Ryan, bringing in a net worth of over $100 million and highest paid Tik Tok star, Charlie D'Amelio, making $8 million a year, I see why this new generation isn’t interested in the typical 9-5 anymore. But, what if I told you, you could do both and still be happy?

I live by the motto, “Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.” I have always enjoyed working with children and coming up with fun creative games and activities. I knew becoming a speech pathologist was perfect for me because I would be able to do things that I love and make a career out of it. And of course, having job security and additional benefits such as a 401k plan and health insurance were a plus.

During my time as a traveling speech pathologist assistant working in schools, I continued to vlog my life journey and share my love for fashion through my Instagram and blog. In 2018, I released my first self published children’s book. Over a course of two years, I took my background of working with children and turned it into a thriving children’s book series and app. Throughout my journey I showcased my business success through my social media platforms and began getting tons of questions asking when I would quit my job and pursue my business full time. Instantly, I questioned, why did I have to cancel my 9-5?

I saw the constant slander on my timelines of how much everyone hated clocking into a job, listening to a boss, having to work for months in order to get a raise, and pretty much all of the standard things that come with having a 9-5. Yes, those things can be annoying at times but what about those who do love their job? I enjoy my job and the positive work environment.

The negative connotation of 9-5s and the wild success of social media stars, continues to convince people that the traditional path isn’t the way to go anymore.

But in reality, we don’t have to cancel 9-5s in order to obtain happiness. Maybe you love taking care of people and want to be a nurse or enjoy solving problems and creating, engineering might be a great career choice. We can be teachers, doctors, and lawyers all while making money from our side hustles and things we enjoy. It is possible to turn your passions into money alongside having a career you love.

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